The Top Craft Trends for 2019

Craft lovers will be trying their hands at Dirty Pouring, pyrography and candle making next year, according to UK arts and crafts superstore chain which has released it craft trend predictions for 2019.
One of the most unusual but relaxing trends to emerge is Dirty Pouring, an art which involves mixing more than one paint colour in the same container before adding (or pouring) it to canvas or substrate, which is becoming more and more popular.
The craft retailer has seen sales increase by 14 per cent this year and to support this uplift, it will be adding to its Dirty Pouring product range in the new year.

dirty pouring
Sales of Wood Blanks are also up 360 per cent on last year and are used as a base for pyrography projects, a pen-like wood burning tool used to create unique and personalized gifts or something for the home.
Similarly, calligraphy items are up 40 per cent compared to last year as the nation perfects its personalization and writing skills.
Another trend to look out for in 2019 is candle making which has seen a 41 per cent rise in sales compared to last year.

candle making kit
The retailer also found that wabi-sabi, a trend which appreciates the beauty in imperfection, is also becoming more common, seeing crafters upcycling broken items such as pots and clothing by adding gold paint or colourful thread.





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Post time: Nov-30-2018
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